Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going Green is Good! But not in your hair....

Summer colors are fun! But not if its from hair is caused by Chlorine oxidizing Copper Iron and Mangane and has negative effects on your locks. Chlorine dries out and damages your hair. The risk is lowered by using a clarifying products to remove chlorine, salt water and mineral build-up.

Lily's now carries Fairy Tales new line of organic chlorine removing shampoo and conditioner specially formulated with fruit enzymes and vitamins to effectively clean and nourish your hair. Pick up a concentrated treatment of after-swim solution that helps prevent dry, damaged hair and removes chlorine and copper green.

Stay healthy this summer....that includes your hair!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go Wild in Design!!
Jazz up your manicure or pedicure with fun and flashy nail art! Lily's offers a variety of stickers, designs and nail jewels to sparkle up your polish.
Or, better yet, let one of our specially trained nail artists hand craft you a design personally fitting for you!
Book your nail appointment today!

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Heads Up on Lice

We see cases of lice weekly. The funny thing is it comes in waves. Right after a school holiday it hits hard. Families that have been on air planes or in another country pick up lice. The bottom line is your child's head needs to be "nit free" before they are with others or go to school. "Nit free" means all of the egg sacs are gone-completely gone. It requires a long video and sitting down with a nit comb, a wet paper towel and combing and inspecting every strand of hair.

Here are some simple tips:

1. Do not confuse flakes and dandruff with nits. Nits will not flake off. They must be loosened from the hair with your fingernails and pulled down the hair shaft.

2. Most lice killing products are pesticides. Very bad for anyone. We recommend Fairy Tale Hair Care Products.

3. Wash bedding and recently worn clothing in hot water and dry in hot dryer. Combs and brushes need to be soaked in hot water.

4. Vacuum furniture, carpets, and car seats.

5. If one family member gets it then check everyone else or better yet give a treatment.

6. Lice do not like clean hair so do not go overboard on washing.

TREATMENT: Fairy Tales Hair Care Products

We love this line. A non toxic, pesticide free enzyme based product.

1. Lice Good-bye Shampoo

2. Lice Good-bye Conditioner

3. Lice Good-bye conditioning spray (we have our kids use this daily. Adds protection from lice outbreaks)

4. Lice Good-bye Mousse (This dissolves the nit "glue" and helps more easily remove the lice and nits.

All available at Lily's Pampering Salon & Party Boutique!